Moshomo Bashumi Consultants

Our Services

What we do best

Brand Management

• In-house brand advisory service
• Branding that is highly effective in influencing consumers
• Create awareness of the brand
• Educate consumers through integrated branding
• Contribute to positive brand perception leading to positive reputation
• Facilitate relationship with stakeholders
• Act as brand ambassador while executing

Warehousing Logistics

• Best possible storage and management of client's goods
• Highest level of security, thus offering our clients peace of mind
• Insurance for goods stored and in transit
• Quality logistics and value services along the entire supply chain
• Maintain, store and deploy brand materials
• Delivery, activation, retrieval, packing and return becomes our problem

Event Management and Brand Activation

• Conceptualization of event and activation
• Event and brand activation planning
• Budgeting process
• Event and brand management
• Administration and closure
• Compiling of event report